St. Paul's Charity Trust


St. Paul’s Lodge No. 374 E.R. Charity Trust

St. Paul’s Lodge Charity Trust has been registered since 1992 as a Public Foundation and has obtained a charity number from both by Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec.  It was created primarily for the benefit of members; to be able to issue receipts for charities received which will be deductible from their income taxes.

Since the inception of the Trust has received donations from and through St. Paul’s Lodge No. 374, St. Paul’s Chapter No. 374, St. Paul’s Mark Lodge No. 131 and St. George’s Lodge No. 440, exceeding $76,000 and the disbursements by the Trust to charities have exceeded $60,000.  The principal recipient over the years has been Montreal Hospital Foundation, to which the charity has donated $24,550. Since St. Paul’s moved to Harmony Hall on the West Island our pattern of donations to other charities has shifted, primarily involving Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, the West Island Palliative Care Residence, Vaudreuil Soulanges Health Care Foundation, Quebec Veteran’s Hospital and Lachine food bank.

In response to the disaster in Haiti the Trust disbursed $3,000 in 2010 to the Canadian Red Cross to be matched by the Canadian Government.

In September 2013 to mark the occasion of the Shriner's Hospital Cornerstone Laying Ceremony a special donation was made of $2,000 to the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Montreal by the Trust on behalf of St. Paul's Lodge and St. George's Lodge.

In November 2013 in response to super typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines the trust disbursed $1,000 to GlobalMedic to be matched by the Canadian Government.

The Charity Trust is administered by five trustees appointed yearly, three by the Craft Lodge, one by the Chapter and one by the Mark Lodge. The Trust operates with a minimum of expenses for banking; stamps and stationery are provided free by the Lodge.

Your efforts to support this good work will be gratefully received by the trustees and diligently remitted to best help our community.

Current Trustees -2019:
Peter Vatcher
Dov Charness
Christos Fotiou
Eric Fisher
Terry Jones

Registered Charity
BN/registration 892290560 RR 0001
A Public Foundation