The original Charter for St.Paul’s Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No.374 E.R. was promulgated on 2nd May 1827 by the Grand & Royal Chapter of England and superscribed by His Royal Highness: Augustus, Duke of Sussex.. The Chapter was not formally opened until 15th October 1846 following a warrant issued by the re-named Supreme Grand Chapter of England.

Some of the founding Members who composed the St.Paul’s Royal Arch Chapter were  well-established and well known citizens of Montreal, namely Companion the Honorable Peter McGill, Companion the Honorable William Badgley, Companion the Reverend Dr.John Bethune and Companion Judge John McCord, QC.

The Chapter meets four times a year on the fourth Friday of January (Installation), March, September and November in Harmony Hall, 14100 Pierrefonds Blvd., Pierrefonds, Quebec at 7.00pm.

Visiting Companions of Chapters in England are most welcome to attend  the Convocations while visiting Canada.  Companions of Quebec Chapters are especially welcomed to join an English Registry Chapter.

For further details of upcoming meetings, visitors are invited to contact the Scribe E., E.Comp. Christopher Day, PGStB at 450-653-3095 or

Officers of The Chapter for 2015/16    

          E. Comp. Peter Vatcher, GrInsp                                       MEZ

          E. Comp. David Pickup                                                         H 

          E. Comp. M. El Baini                                                             J

          E. Comp. Christos Fotiou                                                   IPZ

          E. Comp Christopher Day, PGStB                              Scribe E

          Comp. Dan Veilleux                                                   Scribe N

          Comp. David Pollock                                                Treasurer

          Comp. John Manning                                                          DC

          E. Comp. Richard Brousseau                                      Almoner

          E. Comp. Richard Brousseau                          Charity Steward

          Comp. Herve Drouelle                                                          PS 

          Comp. Alan Barbour                                                             SS

          Comp. Perry Chrzanowski                                                    JS 

          Comp. John Henry Jones                                             Steward

          Comp. Glenmore Browne                                            Steward

          Comp. Denis Azar                                                        Steward

          Comp Karim Issa                                                            Janitor